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For years the mobile industry expected explosive growth from mobile and didn't get it, as initiatives ranging from WAP to MMS failed to live up to expectations.  But now, thanks to RIM, Google, and especially Apple, mobile data is growing explosively, and instead of worrying about underused capacity, operators are worrying about running out.  This raises a new set of questions:--What are the limits on mobile data market growth?  How do we avoid overshooting demand again?--Can anybody stop Apple from dominating the entire market?  And if so, how?We'll discuss the possibilities.

Our speaker: Michael Mace, Principal, Rubicon Consulting
A 20-year veteran of some of the tech industry’s toughest battles, Michael is a widely regarded as a strategist who also does tactics, translating big ideas into practical implementation plans. He is a go-to guy for clients and journalists looking to understand trends in the computing industry, mobile markets, and web futures.
A blend of techno-geek and top-drawer business thinker, he specializes in combining technology expertise, deep business and market experience, and objective customer data to generate insights that are both cogent and actionable. When you can see both the forest and the trees—and Michael can—it is easy to see how everything fits together.

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