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The WIC 9th Annual Compensation Survey Ends August 5, 2010

Gain Insight into the Latest Consulting Trends and the Best Practices of Successful Consultants

Each year, we get rave reviews about how this survey inspires and guides consultants in their businesses and helps them benchmark their consulting practices against those of top consultants nationwide. This track record of success also sparks the interest of local and industry press who continue to track our annual results.

This year, the economy continues to be top of mind—but there’s been a shift. Things are starting to gain momentum. Whether your business continues to expand, has experienced a slowdown or turnaround, or is consistent with last year, we want to hear about your experiences!

The more people who complete the survey, the better the results will be. Feel free to pass the survey along to other consultants.

Take the WIC 9th Annual Compensation Survey now.


Important Details

  • The survey takes 10 – 15 minutes to complete.
  • All participants who complete the survey receive the results and are entered into a drawing to win one of five prizes (whether or not they’re WIC members): a seat in any future WIC workshop (1 winner) or a seat in a future WIC webinar (4 winners).
  • The survey asks some detailed questions about your business for the July 2009 – July 2010 timeframe, so be prepared with the following information:
    • Total revenue for the past 12 months
    • Average hourly rate (if applicable)
    • Average retainer fee (if applicable)
    • Average project fee (if applicable)
    • Target hourly rate in project fees (if applicable)
    • Number of subcontractors used
    • Total amount paid to subcontractors and/or employees
  • All information collected during the survey is confidential.

Survey Results

In addition to the report that we send to all participants (an email address is required).

Take the WIC 9th Annual Compensation Survey now.

Thank you in advance for participating. We appreciate your time and value your input.

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