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IPv6, the New Y2K? Running Out of IP Addresses IPv6 BG_Intelletrace.pdf IPV6 Presentation (6-23-2010)_ATT.pdf ipv4_ipv6.pdf ipv6_adoption.pdf

What the National Broadband Plan Means for California National BB Plan_What Means for CA_May 20 2010.pdf

Mobile Opportunity – At the intersection of the Web, Wireless, Entertainment and Computing Mobile data.pdf Mobile Opp_Michael Mace_2010_0420.m4a

Virtual Call Centers - Home Based Agents: Overview, Programs and Technology Home Agent Overview 032410.pdf Home Based Agent Overview_Apple.pdf Virtual Call Center Technology Benefits.pdf

Connecting to Your Customers Online - Citrix Communities Social Media_Connecting to Your Custs_Citrix Community.pdf

Cloud Computing - Putting Your App in the Cloud Cloud Computing_Putting your App in the Cloud.pdf

Mobile Music - What are you in the Mood for? Mobile_Music_Moods_Final.pdf

Information Security Expert Panel: WiT Security Panel_v2.ppt

Use Social Media & Web 2.0 for Business: Social Media for Bus_2009_5 20.ppt

Wireless 911 SF Emergency Management: Wireless 9-1-1 042009.ppt

The New AT&T, the iPhone and the rise of the digital community: att.pdf

Digital Infrastructure & Video Competition Act - Role of the California Public Utilities Commission: Digital Infrastructure_ROLE_CPUC.ppt

It is not just a phone... Nokia: Its Not Just a Phone_Nokia.ppt

Totally Mobile: Totally Mobile_Anastastia.ppt

Not “Mobile Media” But “All My Media Is Now Mobile”: All My Media is Mobile_ian.ppt

California Emerging Technology Fund: CETF.ppt

Network Neutrality: Net Neutrality.ppt

Global Call Center: Global_Call Centers.ppt

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National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA)

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Whatis.com - Search for definitions of technology-related words

List of all US State and Canadian PUCs (Link from State of CT DPUC website)

American Registry for Internet Numbers


Celebrating 10 Years of the E Rate Program

National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC)

Association of Local Telecommunications Services (ALTS)

California Association of Competitive Telecommunications Companies (Caltel)

THOMAS -- U.S. Congress on the Internet

Official California Legislative Information

California Communications Association (CalCom)

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